Summer Re-visited

Lisa Keane’s “Summer Re-visited” adds vibrancy to our cafe,


“My name is Lisa Keane and I am a Waterford based artist. I graduated from WIT with Ba Hons in arts in Art in Society in 2007. Art was always a big part of me, ever since I was a kid. I loved anything I could make something with from pencils and paint to plaster moulding sets and embroidery. I studied art in college because it was all I wanted to do. After the birth of my second son I reignited my passion for painting again. It started with a good friend of mine asking me to design a tattoo, she was so happy with it that it gave me that spark to keep going, keep painting and improving. Most of my inspiration stems from my boys and our adventures. I try to capture them in my paintings, their personality and innocence in a raw style to create a sense of memory or nostalgia. We love the seaside, it’s our favourite place and I find the sea draws me, to me there is nothing better than sitting watching the kids’ excitement and energy, and the water. I love the contrasting textures of the sea and cliffs, stony strands and rocky coves. I try to convey how these places feel using lots of colour and light.”

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