Don Alder

Hailing from Canada, Don is not only a guitar wizard, but a singer-songwriter, story-teller and all round entertainer.

Don Alder
Friday 15th Sept. @ 8pm   Tickets €10
Don Alder is a highly entertaining acoustic guitarist with a skill set that has won all the top modern guitar contests in the world and the only guitarist to do so. His performances contain a “WOW” factor that has led to comments such as:
Alder’s performances are transcendental – George Lynch (Dokken)
Alder is a guitarist that should be famous around the world – Ray Daniels (Mgr., Rush)
Alder totally owns an audience and that’s what a Guitar Star does – Michael Molenda (Chief in Editor, Guitar Player Magazine)
Don Alder !! simply amazing – Elliot Easton (The Cars)DON ALDER plays acoustic fingerstyle guitar with a passion that has quickly earned him a reputation as Vancouver’s “best kept little secret”. Don is a world-class fingerstyle guitarist with a “wow factor” that has led to winning all the top Modern Guitar Competitions in the world, multiple endorsement deals with major manufacturers.He is a top endorsee for Yamaha Guitars.